About Mejeriet

Mejeriet has existed since the 1980s and was born through the vision of a crackling, creative and including cultural centre. Since then, we have grown to play an important part in Lund’s cultural life. Mejeriet consists of four commonly run associations: Folkets Bio i Lund (film), Månteatern (theater) and the music associations Plektrum and Repeater. There’s a lot going on at Mejeriet: movie screenings, concerts featuring both local and international acts, clubs, poetry nights, a bar and a restaurant. We also have a music school and rehearsal halls for rent. Mejeriet is simply a cultural centre in Lund for anyone who wants to experience culture, be creative, or both!


We almost always sell advance tickets to our shows. For more information on ticket sales, visit the respective events page in our program. If the event is not sold out the remaining tickets will be sold at the door by the time for opening.

Come as you are – Welcome!

Check out our program at this website and everything else we do. Here you can also sign up for our music school, read up on how to get involved, or sign up for our newsletter (in Swedish).
Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on info@kulturmejeriet.se

A very warm welcome to Mejeriet, we hope to see you soon!