Doc Lounge: Dreaming Murakami

Guests: Translators Vibeke Emond and John Wasmuth DJ: Artist Jon Koko
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Doc Lounge

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Dreaming Murakami —

More than twenty years ago, Mette Holm read a novel by Haruki Murakami, who had yet to reach literary stardom. Back then, she had no idea how the Japanese author’s imagined worlds would steadily shape and transform her own. Since then Mette Holm has spent thousands of hours translating Murakami’s puzzling and widely discussed stories to his Danish readers. Stories that continuously spellbind and challenge millions of devoted readers all over the planet. As Mette Holm struggles to find the perfect sentences capable of communicating what Murakami’s solitary, daydreaming characters are trying to tell us, the boundary between reality and imagination begins to blur.

Nitesh Anjaan / 2017 / Denmark / 58 min
English, Danish, Japanese / English subtitles

We are very happy that Murakami's Swedish translator Vibeke Emond will join us 13/11 and answer your questions about what it is like to translate Murakami to Swedish. Before the film screening, Vibeke Emond and translator John Wasmuth will read aloud from Murkami's After Dark in Japanese and English to get you into Murakami-mood! After the film screening, John Wasmuth and Doc Lounger Olga Rudak will team up for a talk. Talented artist Jon Koko will be the DJ of the evening and play his favorite, Japanese, dreamy New Age and Ambient tracks for us, and we can't wait to dream along!