Limited amount of early bird tickets. Age limit: 20+ / 18+ with pre-sale ticket

Klubb Effekt No.1 – Studio Barnhus + Bella Boo

Black Box: Technoasis
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Welcome to Effekt no.1 - the grand premiere of Klubb Effekt at Mejeriet, Lund’s new wonderland for electronic dance music, where we will open up the whole house for you dancing lovers.

We’re kicking off with a big bang, inviting some of Sweden’s most celebrated names within house music - the full trio of Studio Barnhus joined by Bella Bo!
We will also open up a new dance floor at Mejeriet in our black box, which will be taken over by a local crew who has been working hard to push the techno-scene forward in Lund lately - Technoasis.

Studio Barnhus is the DJ-trio consisting of Axel Boman, Pedrodollar (Petter Nordkvist) and Kornél Kovács who keep busy touring the world, playing the best clubs and festivals around. It’s also a studio on Barnhusgatan in Stockholm and a record label known for its playful take on modern dance music, releasing records by local and international friends, with more than 60 records releases since 2010.

Bella Boo is a DJ and producer - Early diving headfirst into the world of raving, falling in love with the culture and the music, a purchase of Technics 1210s soon followed. Her DJ skills and proclaimed taste for "hybridity" were quick to get her noticed and she became a renowned DJ in Sweden, leading her to a 3 year residency at the Swedish National Radio (Sveriges Radio P3). In 2018, for her EP Fire that came out on Studio Barnhus, she got nominated for the P3 Guld and the Grammis Awards. Another EP is set to be released in 2019 on Studio Barnhus.

BLACK BOX: Technoasis
The DJ collective Technoasis (Dragoș & Markskren) has been good news for everyone who love to go out dancing to electronic music in Lund, as they have been organizing events around the city with a mix of deep house, tech-house, techno and minimal. On this occasion Technoasis will take over our newly opened black-box which is well suited for the harder edge of electronic music.

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