Klubb Effekt No.11 – ZEM, Bac Nini (live) / Moomin, Fauna, DJ Seduce (DJs)

Part one: ZEM live + Bac Nini / Part two: Moomin + Fauna & Dj Seduce
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Effekt No.11 is a real treat for you! You could say it’s a “two-in-one” kind of night with not less than 9 artists. First part of the night we have two live shows, presenting the wonderful new group ZEM who will showcase an exclusive show for you, supported by Bac Nini. Second part of the night is all about house music at its best. We brought you ‘Moomin’ up from Berlin! One of the most celebrated modern house DJs and producers out there. To set the vibe we have DJ Seduce and the three musketeers behind the club Fauna - Sune, Richter & Vitamin D. Same ticket for the whole night, so if you’re musically open minded you’re blessed for 7 hours!

Part One – Live

The newly formed group ZEM, consisting of vocalist ‘Ayla’ and the duo ‘Broke ‘N Tipsy’ behind the productions, has managed to create their own musical universe in no-time. Ayla hailing out of Skåne has already put a strong mark on the Swedish scene with her unique voice both as a solo-artist and as part of various groups. Broke N Tipsy coming from the northern parts of the country has served productions to plenty of the Swedish hip-hop elite. Their debut EP "Want U To Know" takes the listener on a journey through all the emotional turmoil of life and is definitely one of the strongest Swedish releases yet in 2019. Listen to the singles “Mama Baba” and “Everyday” for taste. An urban body that moves between electronic sounds, pop melodies and heavy beats. ZEM has only performed live twice before, at ‘Way out West’ and Malmöfestivalen, now making their third exclusive appearance at Mejeriet presenting unreleased songs for the first time. Take our word - ZEM will be the next big music thing coming out of Sweden!

Bac Nini (Support)
The talented Malmö-based vocalist/producer Bac Nini will open this evening with a live show. Taking care of all aspects in her music making she has released several strong tracks in last years. Have a listen to the super-sexy summer track “Om du kallar” for example. With a base in RnB/Hip-hop she also showed her skills in producing heavy techno tracks.

Part Two – Club

The Moomin moniker first appeared in 2010, but even then, he was no newcomer.
A deep appreciation of music had surfaced early at an early age, as he diligently
assembled volumes of taped radio recordings. His interests circled around hip hop,
funk and jazz in the early 1990s, and soon he was drawn to the world of vinyl
DJing, with his first productions emerging shortly after. Since arriving in Berlin in 2007, Moomin has left an indelible mark on the capital’s sprawling club scene, with sets at Panorama Bar, Tresor and About Blank to name a few. The last few years have seen his influence go further afield, as he has circled the globe for DJ and live sets for clubs and festivals in London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo. With his breakout debut “The Story About You” in 2011, Moomin was praised for his beautiful, introspective
take on house music, like he had cast a spell of “modern house music magic”.

Sune, Richter & Vitamin D (Fauna / H.H.A.S.)
This trio is probably as house at it gets in Malmö Crime City. If you’ve been out and about during the last 7 years there’s simply no chance that you’ve missed their strong presence in the scene with both own club concepts and gigs at pretty much any place in town, not to mention, all the major cities in the rest of the country and collaborations across the bridge in Copenhagen. If we jump to present time these three musketeers run the celebrated club concept FAUNA, the house platform Hi-Hat Appreciation Society (H.H.A.S.) as well as the vinyl label Honey Butter Records and also account for an extensive back catalogue of own production outputs. All in all – it’s safe to say that these guys know their thing. Expect house music in all colors, with a lot of soul and a constant groove.

DJ Seduce
Solina Yassin aka DJ Seduce fell in love with house music at an early age and started experimenting with music in her bedroom before blessing people on the dance floor. Having already established a good reputation as a DJ, she always strives to set the perfect mood with a broad mix of electronic music. Prepare for twisted mixes between acid house, techno and house from the 90’s to the future.

Age limit: 20 (18 with pre-sale ticket)
Entry: 120 kr

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