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Klubb Effekt No.2 – Wayne Snow (live) + Shakarchi & Stranéus

Support by Carl Richter
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Effekt no.2 - is another banging night revolving around house grooves, with a live performance from Nigerian vocalist Wayne Snow together with his band, bringing you the cosmic sounds of his house-infused “future soul”. As if that wasn’t enough - Swedish deep-house heroes Shakarchi & Stranéus from Gothenburg will keep the dancefloor on fire for rest of the night, supported by Malmö’s Carl Richter (H.H.A.S. & Fauna).

The two EP’s (Red Runner & Rosie) and debut album Freedom TV is a wholesome exploration of groove-music celebrated by DJ’s around the world, oscillating between musical styles: from low-tempo soothers like album opener “Cooler” and “Fall” to the syncopated bruk of “The Rhythm” and cosmic funk escapades found on “Nothing Wrong”, with Wayne exhibiting his falsetto acrobatics effortlessly. The Nigerian born vocalist teamed up with producer Max Graef on Red Runner EP and large parts of the album bringing his warm signature sound to the tracks. Wayne Snow now based in Berlin, describe how the change of environment helped him inform his new sound: “Coming to Berlin was a liberation because I could play with many things, especially electronic music, and approach it freely regardless of the fact that I was African”

Shakarchi & Stranéus inhabit a secret place in the universe of music, existing at the intersection of Scandinavian poplands, Hisingen forest raves and outernational placelessness. Faik Shakarchi and Daniel Stranéus famously started making beats together in the coat check of the Gothenburg tapas joint they both worked as clerks at. Their now 10-year old friendship is the story of legends, their sparse vinyl output the secret love of deep house 12'' enthusiasts round the globe – the warm, vibrant sounds found on those records a stark contrast to the stripped-down efficiency of their marathon DJ sets, frequently heard within the more nefarious parts of Swedish nightlife. Their underground hit ‘Mogadishu’ has almost 3 million streams - so if you haven’t heard it by now, it’s time to have a listen.

Carl Richter describes himself as a house enthusiast and sound explorer and he's been throwing numerous clubs both under- and overground for more than 7 years now, in Crime City as well as across the bridge in Copenhagen. He's also one of the brains behind the ever-evolving project/label H.H.A.S. (Hi-Hat Appreciation Society), the notorious club concept FAUNA and a frequent edit maker. His sets are characterized house in shifting nuances with an undeniable feeling and a constant groove.

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