Klubb Effekt no.6 – Smokey, Lille Høg, Bac Nini

6th night of Klubb Effekt - following the concert of Silvana Imam
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Effekt no.6 - Is a big mix of a night. We have a genre bending line up blending the darker sides of bass, techno, trap and hip-hop. The club will follow the concert of Silvana Imam - with a concert ticket to Silvana, you stay at the club for free.

There’s another Copenhagen take-over in big room with Smokey and Lille Høg, backed by Emilia Carapic (aka Bac Nini) from Malmö and a secret guest from Lund ;-)

Age limit: 20+ / 18+ with pre-sale ticket

“No Smokey, No Fire”
Smokey, from the all-female DJ collective Apeiron Crew known for her DJ-skills and ability to blend styles and genres of heavy electronic sounds like bass, electro, techno and hip-hop into a whole, that just makes a lot of sense when you hear it. The crew who are residents at the Copenhagen club Culture Box also throws their own parties around the city and frequently mix music in various radio shows. Come and listen to why Smokey is one of Copenhagen’s most-talked-about DJ’s today.

Lille Høg has managed to establish himself as one of Copenhagen’s most sought after trap/hip-hop producers - much with the help of Soundcloud where he release tracks with totally serious guys like Pind Diesel and Lille Fucker. Besides the humoristic sides of a lot the music, Lille Høg seriously shows what a talented producer he is as he experiments with anything between hip-hop/trap and trance music.

Bac Nini from Malmö might be more known as a fantastic singer/rapper/producer - but some of you might have heard her DJ more of the techno/tech house stuff. She’ll bring you the sounds for your dancing nerve, to get you sweating and bring out the spring feels you got inside.

Secret Guest
We got a secret guest many of you would know if you’ve been to techno parties around Lund lately. She will bring the hard techno to the Black Box to end of the night!

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