Klubb Effekt: The Turn Up – (CANCELLED)

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** The event is cancelled due to Corona :(


Now we’re turning up the heat in Lund - bringing you a heavy hitting techno line-up! Two of our country's most popular techno acts on the same night - Skudge with a live-set showcasing their skills on their music machines. Come early to get it all!

Age Limit: 20 / 18 with pre sale ticket

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IG: KlubbEffekt

SKUDGE (Skudge Records)

The rhythm, the groove and faith in simplicity. All of them are hallmarks of Skudge. Started as a duo in 2009, the project is now a solo effort (with live performance help from another individual). The Skudge universe has come a long way from the anonymous and humble beginnings to world-wide recognition through the labels Skudge Records, Skudge Presents and Skudge White. Right from the start, the main output has been on Skudge’s own label. This resulted in a Berghain live set right after the first release of Skudge Records.

A steady string of vinyl releases followed, with remix EP’s in conjunction of their own work. Their unique take on music also produced EP’s on Dekmantel and Indigo Area as well as remixes on a wide array of talented artists such as Donato Dozzy, Anthony Shake“ Shakir, Instra:mental, Ben Sims, among others.

The fine sense of loops, detail and taste have reached people for almost a decade. Be it through their EP’s or albums, hardware focused live sets which has been performed at numerous clubs and events world-wide or by way of recognized labels and podcasts: one thing remains, which is that the Skudge artistry and label are here to stay.

PER HAMMAR (Kiloton/Dirty Hands)
Per Hammar, with Berlin and Malmö in the south of Sweden as territory, is the captain behind his labels Dirty Hands, 10YEARS, De Vloer and the club instance Kiloton. Dirty Hands works as a home base and headquarter for his dustier works. Dub and dusty sounds are some of the signalements from the vinyls and tapes of the label. ”It’s ment like a safe house for the ugly, the non perfect, and works that don’t want to be polished.” states Per Hammar.

His and Kajsa Lindström’s club Kiloton has been a reliable source of quality dance music since 2010, offering the crowd of Sweden club experiences on regular basis.

In 2016 he started his second label, 10YEARS, together with Maya Lourenço a.k.a Parallax Deep, celebrating their 10 years as friends and music partners. The label is planned to be the outpost for their own stripped and more electronic sounding works.


For the past six years Elin has appeared on several stages, radio shows and festivals around Sweden - from this year's Backyard Sessions to Big Slap and Way Out West. While hosting parties under the concept Kulturklubben, she has continued to play music and deliver energetic sets, mixing flirty house tunes with deeper, dirtier techno and dub.

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