Klubb Effekt – Your Planet Is Next (Studio Barnhus) + Madura + Hugo Eckernäs

Klubb Effekt – Your Planet Is Next (Studio Barnhus) + Madura + Hugo Eckernäs
Typ av arrangemang:  Klubb / Bar
Öppnar:  22:00
Börjar:  22:00
Slutar  03:00
Plats: Mejeriet
Åldersgräns: 18 år
Your Planet Is Next (Studio Barnhus) - DJ set

Arvid Wretman aka Your Planet Is Next surfaced in 2014 with his first release being a limited edition cassette tape. A favourite reoccurring format suiting his musical style perfectly - dirty, quirky and analogue, heavily acid infused and almost always lined with Wretman’s signature characteristic dry vocals, full of humor yet often sprung out of deep contemplation. Your Planet Is Next is a regular on renowned Swedish label Studio Barnhus and has released EP’s on Klasse Wrecks and Junk Yard Connections among
others (often these carry Wretman’s own distinct artwork). Five full-length YPIN albums have been released to date (some harder to find than others) - the latest being "Mr. Music" on Studio Barnhus. Wretman also produces under the moniker Sexazoid (releasing on Born Free) and belongs to the three duos Paradise Alley, Excellent Security, and Osynlig Fetma.

Madura (KRUX)

Known for her vibrant personality and solid track selection, Madura has set fire to countless dance floors throughout the years. With driving house tracks, deep basslines and minimalistic beats, sprinkled with the occasional banger, she creates a sound that always keeps the floor moving. She is one of the creators behind the house collective krux - that focuses on creating magical dance floor experiences whilst promoting equality in the scene.

Hugo Eckernäs (.WAVE)

Hugo is a Malmö based DJ and concept owner of .WAVE. With love for electronic music from the past and now, he has explored many genres in the house music-specter over the years and likes to weave in these in his uplifting sets. With an eye for picking out the best tunes he will be sure to deliver a stellar set this night!

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