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Klubb: Krux – Housewarming Party w/ Réa Réa

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Have you heard them whispering? There’s a new cat in town. One that purrs to the sound of hi-hats and goes “meeow” as you add a little beat. It’s been roaming the streets in search of a place to settle down - in search of a warm and colorful nest where it’s free to sparkle and shine. Where there’s no such thing as a “cool” cat, only cool snares and hats.

The word around town is that it finally found its new home and is already planning a housewarming party. For the special occasion, it’s invited a good friend aaaall the way from the capital to spin some records and make the other cats go “purrrrr”. And if you’re looking for some funkier beats to clap your paws to, its got you covered with an additional dance floor where it’ll be sunny all night long. Sounds purrfect, doesn’t it? Rumour also has it that two local cats have been seen secretly planning a duo-spin premiere. Wonder what’s up with that?

This new cat is here to stay, so let’s get together under the same roof to talk, laugh, share ideas and most important of all - meow to bouncy beats!

Réa Réa [Tek No Tajm]

ELLA & Madura [krux]

Strömberg [krux/Radio Ystadsgatan]

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